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02 | Instruction for safe transport by sea according to the IMDG Code

Recent incidents of accidents involving cargo ships show how important it is to have well-trained personnel – and not just on board of the ships.

The dangerous goods process
The safe transport of dangerous goods via container ships begins long before the transport from port A to port B. All persons involved in the dangerous goods process, from persons who classify, to persons who pack, to persons who load, must be instructed with regard to their tasks and responsibilities.
The legal basis for this is the IMDG Code, the transport regulation for dangerous goods in maritime traffic. Chapter 1.3 of the IMDG Code deals in detail with the instruction of shore-based personnel, i.e. persons who prepare dangerous goods for sea transport or are involved in the transport. Only if all persons involved in the transport chain know their duties and existing risks, the risk of accidents with dangerous goods at sea can be reduced.
To ease the hurdle of instruction, SAFETY Training Plus GmbH offers a new edition of the online training IMDG Code according to Amendment 40-20.