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E-Bikes (Lithium-Ionen Batterie) Beitrag 03 Blog

03 | What are the requirements for shipping lithium batteries?

Lithium Batteries in Everyday Life.

Everyone knows and uses them. It’s hard to imagine daily life without them. In watches, tablets, cell phones and e-bikes, they accompany us at work and in our leisure time. Nevertheless, legally compliant transport is a major challenge for companies and, in particular, increasingly for the bicycle trade. This is especially true for newcomers who carry e-bikes and pedelecs in their product range and now must accept or ship such lithium-ion batteries.

Lithium batteries are subject to dangerous goods regulations!

Many companies and bike stores selling e-bikes and pedelecs are not aware that these are dangerous goods subject to road, rail, sea and air transport regulations (ADR, RID, IMDG Code, IATA – DGR + national regulations), from which various obligations arise (e.g. regarding training, packing, loading, carrying,…).

The transport of lithium batteries by road is for example regulated by the ADR.

Lithium-ion batteries are thus classified as “dangerous goods” under international transport law. The regulations specify the correct marking and labeling during transport, as well as the issuing of a transport document. The safe transport of dangerous goods is our main focus and priority at SAFETY Training Plus.

With locations in Burghausen, Germany and Reinach in Switzerland, SAFETY Training Plus GmbH offers an online training for dangerous goods “E-bikes / lithium-ion battery / class 9” specifically developed for the bike stores.

We would be delighted to receive your registration for our online training course at!

SAFETY Training Plus offers you a wide range of services through innovative dangerous goods management. We train in face-to-face courses, virtual courses or online courses, advise you and take over the function as an external dangerous goods safety advisor. With locations in Burghausen, Germany and Reinach, Switzerland, SAFETY can act in the DACH area without problems and in a timely manner.