SAFETY Training Plus


Troubleshooting Online Training

You can check this:

  • Do you have an existing and good Internet connection?
  • Are updates or other programmes currently being run that are causing a high load on your PC?
  • Are changes currently being made on site in your company network?


What you can do:
  • Try refreshing the page again (F5 key or top of browser)
  • .

  • Access the platform with the following link:
  • Close all other files and try again with Chrome/Firefox.
  • Perform on another PC/tablet.
  • If anything on the company network or on your PC is updated, you can try again in a few hours.
  • Try on another PC/tablet outside the company network.


You already logged in?

When you log in to the learning platform for the first time, you will be asked to enter a personal password. Can you remember it?
You can click on “Forgot your password?” on the login page, or you can write us directly and we will reset your password.

Are you logging in for the first time?
The login does not work with the access data sent? Please contact us and we will update your account immediately.


You can order with PayPal, credit and debit card as well as on invoice.

The login data will be sent to the persons who are registered as licensees. In the case of purchase by Paypal, credit and debit card, these will be sent to the participants directly after the order. In the case of purchase on invoice, the login data is sent after confirmation of payment.

From time to time, the e-mails with the login data end up in your spam folder. Please check your spam folder.