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Load securing training: Online training for safe loading

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Definition online course

Interactive learning modules that can be completed in self-study on our learning platform, independent of time and location.

Course details


Legal basis
According to VDI 2700ff.


English, German


Duration 30 min


With our online training “Basics of Load Securing” you get the necessary knowledge for the safe loading of any goods.

Unsecured or incorrectly secured goods can easily slip or fall during emergency braking or evasive movements and cause considerable damage. For road safety, there are therefore precise rules and regulations for lashing loads.

The rules of physics, for example, are taken into account through positive fit and the frictional method. Lashing equipment such as lashing straps, tensioning straps or ratchets are essential aids to load securing and secure the load against slipping.

Drivers, loaders and vehicle owners are responsible for load securing and are obliged to secure the load in accordance with the regulations. If these rules are not observed, sometimes severe fines may be imposed, e.g. due to disregard of the Road Traffic Act (StVo).

Our load securing online training equips you with the necessary knowledge to properly stow loads in cars, vans or trucks.

Legal basis

The instruction takes place according to VDI 2700ff.

Target group

All persons who load any goods for transport by road.

Course content

Training according to VDI 2700ff incl. Forms and checklists for download.

  1. Legal foundations
  2. Physical principles
  3. Transport vehicles / Lashing material
  4. Load distribution
  5. Positive fit / Frictional method

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After you have worked through all the contents of the course, you will receive a training record.

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Access time

The access to the learning platform is unlimited. You can access the booked course for 12 months, complete it and use it as a reference work. In addition, you will receive all forms and checklists for download.

Technical requirements

The online training is designed for all common devices.






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How it works

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  4. Everyone receives the access data and the link to the SAFETY learning platform.
  5. Everyone completes the online training, independent of time and location and at their own pace.
  6. Upon successful completion, everyone receives a legally valid certificate. 🙂