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ADR training 1.3 – Dangerous goods by road

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Interactive learning modules that can be completed in self-study on our learning platform, independent of time and location.

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Legal basis
According to 1.3 ADR


English, German


90-120 min


In order to safely handle the transport of dangerous goods, there are international regulations for each mode of transport. The ADR regulates the transport of dangerous goods by road.

The ADR contains all the necessary information that you need for the preparation of the shipment, the transport and also the acceptance of dangerous goods. This includes, for example, the selection of suitable packaging, marking and labeling or the preparation of a transport document. With our ADR dangerous goods training you will get the necessary knowledge for the transport of dangerous goods by road. After working through and answering all the exercises, you will receive a legally compliant certificate according to 1.3 ADR.

Our online course program takes into account all current regulations and changes (currently ADR 2023).

Legal basis

The instruction takes place in accordance with 1.3 ADR.

Target group

This course is aimed to all persons involved in the dangerous goods process by road. These are, among others, persons who are involved in the preparation of the consignment (packing, marking, documentation) and acceptance of the dangerous goods. But this instruction is also suitable for drivers of dangerous goods, provided they drive less then/equal to 1000 points (without orange-coloured plate).

Course content

  1. General awareness and obligations of the involved parties
  2. Safety instruction
  3. Packing
  4. Marking
  5. Documentation
  6. Transport packages and tanks
  7. Exemptions

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Your Certificate

After you have worked through all modules and exercises, you will receive a certificate according to chapter 1.3 and 1.10 ADR.


The content of this online training corresponds to the actuality of the ADR 2023. This certificate can be provided to the competent authority upon request. Please note that regular refresher courses are necessary in case of changes in the regulations. We recommend to repeat the course every 2 years.


Your legally secure certificate.

Access time

The access to the learning platform is unlimited. You can access the booked course for 12 months, complete it and use it as a reference work. In addition, you will receive all forms and checklists for download.

Technical requirements

The online training is designed for all common devices.






Smartphone via app

How it works

  1. Purchase/registration can be found above.
  2. You register yourself and/or your colleagues.
  3. Payment by invoice / Paypal / credit card / direct debit.
  4. Everyone receives the access data and the link to the SAFETY learning platform.
  5. Everyone completes the online training, independent of time and location and at their own pace.
  6. Upon successful completion, everyone receives a legally valid certificate. 🙂


The ADR is the Agreement concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road. It is a comprehensive set of regulations for the shipment of dangerous goods by road. It is applied in over 50 countries worldwide.

Every person involved in the dangerous goods process road needs training according to 1.3 ADR. The dangerous goods process involves, for example, people who classify, select packaging, pack, mark, label, prepare the documents, declare the shipment, load, transport and also unload and receive. They must all be instructed in accordance with the regulations. It is not necessary to take an examination.

The online training according to 1.3 ADR costs 139 euros for a license.  

Dangerous goods are substances, objects and mixtures that may pose a risk to public safety, persons or the environment during transport. This includes, for example, corrosive substances, flammable substances or infectious substances. The transport of these substances is considered to be the transport of dangerous goods.

With this online training you acquire a certificate according to 1.3 ADR. You will not receive the training certificate or the so-called dangerous goods/ADR driver’s license with this training. To acquire this license, a training course of several days with theoretical and practical parts is necessary.