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Competency-Based Training and Assessment

Competency-Based Training and Assessment

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Are you shipping dangerous goods by air freight?

Achtung: Strarting on the 01.01.2023 the new training and assessment approach (CBTA) is to be implemented on a mandatory basis. The previous comprehensive courses are to be replaced by tailored, practice-oriented training.

What is CBTA

CBTA (competency-based training and assessment) is a training approach formulated by the International Civil Aviation Authority (ICAO).

Objective of the CBTA

By means of focused training courses, competent employees are to be trained.

Who is responsible for implementation?

Your company is obliged to introduce and implement the competency-based training concept! Including the keeping of training and assessment plans!

How does this work?

Step 1

Accurately record the activities of employees.

  1. Who is involved in the dangerous goods process air transport (IATA-DGR)?
  2. What competencies do these employees need to acquire in order to perform your tasks?
  3. How do they need to be trained?
Step 2

Develop a training and assessment plan!

  1. How to train?
  2. What to train?
  3. What does the assessment look like?
  4. What does the ongoing assessment look like?
We will be happy to assist you with all the necessary steps in the creation of the CBTA program.
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