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Troubleshooting Online Training


Problem: Unable to start the course

What you can do:

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  • Refresh the course-page (Key F5 or button on the top left in the browser)
  • Access the platform using the following link: ->
  • Do you have an active Internet connection?
  • Close all other files and try again with Chrome/Firefox/Safari.
  • Try on another PC/tablet.
  • Try on another PC/tablet outside the company network.
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For Tablets
Access the platform using the following link: ->
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For Smartphones

If you would like to use your smartphone, please download the “TalentLMS” app. In it, enter “” and your login data.

Problem: No course is displayed

What you can do:

Online Training Icon
Something did not work here during the assignment. Please contact us and we will activate the course for you immediately! (via Email or Phone +49 8677 914990.)

Problem: No sound is played

What you can do:

Sound symbol
  • The online training courses are always set to music. If you have problems with the sound, this is usually due to the settings on your PC/laptop. Here you can check under “Sound settings” whether the correct output device (speaker, headset, etc.) is selected.
  • In addition, you can move the volume slider up directly in the course.

Problem: Login failes

You already logged in once?
When you log in to the learning platform for the first time, you will be asked to enter a personal password. Can you remember this? You can click on ‘Forgot your password’ when logging in, or write us directly and we will reset your password.

You log in for the first time?
The login does not work with the sent login data? Please contact us and we will update your account immediately.

Further support

If you have any further questions or problems, please contact us directly. You can reach us by mail: or by phone: +49 8677 914990.