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Description: With our ADR dangerous goods training you will receive the necessary knowledge for the transport of dangerous goods by road and a legally secure certificate.

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Included in the course

  1. Online training according to 1.3 ADR
  2. Forms and checklists for download
  3. Rules and regulations tracking (In case of changes in the rules and regulations, you will receive these clearly summarized).

Legal basis

The instruction takes place in accordance with 1.3 ADR and is aimed at persons whose field of work involves the transport of dangerous goods.

Course details

  1. General and obligations of the involved parties
  2. Safety instruction
  3. Packing
  4. Marking
  5. Documentation
  6. Transport packages and tanks
  7. Exemptions


Insight into the course




After you have completed all modules and exercises, you will receive a certificate according to chapter 1.3 and 1.10 ADR.

Validity of the certificate

The content of this online training corresponds to the actuality ADR 2021. This certificate can be provided to the competent authority upon request. Please note that regular refresher courses are necessary in case of changes in the regulations.

Course duration

The online training takes about 90-120 minutes, depending on your personal speed.

Access to the platform

Access to the learning platform is unlimited. Even after completion, you can use the course as a reference for up to 12 months. In addition, you will receive all forms and checklists available for download.

And this is how it works

  1. Purchase/registration can be found above.
  2. You register yourself and/or your colleagues.
  3. Payment by invoice or Paypal.
  4. Everyone receives the access data and the link to the SAFETY learning platform.
  5. Everyone completes the online training, independent of time and location and at their own pace.
  6. Upon successful completion, everyone receives a legally valid certificate. 🙂